Tata Motors

The renowned Tata Motors organization, the biggest automatic manufacturer of Southern Asia, has inaugurated two important formal dealerships in Delhi city on the date of 27 September in the year of 2012. In addition, the Vice-President (Commercial division) of renowned Tata Motors, Shri R. Ramakrishnaji started out the gates of both the features, namely Concorde Motors dealer in Southern Ex area and famous Malwa Vehicles dealer in Rohini area. At the huge occasion, Marketing Services, Shri P. Fadnavis and Local manager of the company, Shri D. Tiwariji also existed.  Renowned Tata Engine increases its car auto dealer system, inaugurates its main two features in With the inauguration of their new store, famous Malwa Vehicles and the starting of their third shop of renowned Tata Motors; and the other main two are centered in the city of Chandigarh area and Karnal area. The new service of renowned Malwa Vehicles is developed using cutting-edge technological innovation and sprawls around a wide place of around 4000 sq ft.  However In an area of it, a class of famous Tata Motors is centered, which homes enhance accessories and circles total 40,000 sq feet. On the other hand, the new shop of famous Concorde Motors is greatly situated at local Street, Southern Extension. It is propagate over a place of around 5000 sq ft. however. This lately inaugurated service has a connected class place, which protects a place of around 39000 sq ft. moreover on a whole, Concorde renowned Motors Indian Restricted currently has total 17 display rooms and total 15 classes in functions, which are propagate in around 5 different places, namely city of Bangalore, Chennai city, Hyderabad city, Cochin City and Mumbai city. In India, the main  automatic manufacturer currently provides nine designs through its profile, for instance  its famous New famous  nano vehicle, Indica vehicle , vista vehicle , Indigo vehicle , Indigo Manza vehicle , Opera vehicle , Sumo vehicle , Sumo Silver vehicle and some other famous vehicle models.

Concorde Motors
Address:M – 10, South Extension Part II,
New Delhi, Delhi, 110049Phone: 011 – 26258900