Shopping at South Ex

All the shopping lovers be it shopping freaks or a casual window shopper, one gets a plethora of items available in the market area of South Extension, situated on the Ring road. Quality clothing, footwear, electrical and electronics are some of the categories that are available at this place.

All the export quality markets in retail are available on both sides of the South extension market that are stacked in departmental stores or garment showrooms, jewellery malls and more so with the electronic stores too. One can pick up both Indian and International branded products here viz., ‘Hopps’, ‘Jane Shilton’ (well known brand for ladies accessories, handbags and purses), ‘Ebony’, ‘Vichitra’ (a brand known for ladies’ fabric like saris, dupatta, formal wear saris and so on), ‘Study by Janak’ (known for formal suiting and shirting for men including traditional or formal wear both), ‘ Floral concepts’, ‘Rhythm corner’ (known for music lovers who can browse through CDs of various choice) and ‘Bizzare’ (shops known for housing high-fly fashion ladies)are some of the branded products available here.

While walking through the Part I of the South Extension market, one can find the Benetton showroom of three storeys, BG’s designer fashion jeweler showroom, Nalli Silk Saris, Tanishq,  a Tata branded jeweler store, book shops and Tommy Hilfiger and similar other branded garments/fabric stores. The stores are spread around the market space so that one can walk through the streets, browsing the various options and comparing the prices.

Other the other hand, the South Extension Part II of the Market, houses the snacking and gives a feel of flea markets of Goa. The youngsters go around for window shopping or buy garments in bulk during annual sale, sip a cup of coffee with friends or catch up on special occasions. People come here to get a good bargain upto 70% subject to the retailers’ discretion.

Also, the South Extension part II of the market has restaurant, bar and lunges apart from fine dining places. Some educational institutions have also cropped up in this area that promises to offer diplomas in a wide range of subjects.

Food joints offering mouth watering Bengali sweets, International cuisines, road-side fast food centre, snacks and beverages tickle one’s taste buds in South Extension. Safety, security, fun, discotheques and night life experience are some of the features that make South Extension market stand out of the crowd of markets in Delhi.