Kotla Mubarak Pur Complex

The renowned Kotla Mubarakapur Complex is an ancient town, as presently an elegant industry with а personal community іn Southern Delhi city, in the country of India. moreover Categorized by the city of Delhi Growth Power (or also called D.D.A.) as а Town Village, now its record may be tracked to the popular grave if famous Muizuda Din Mubaraka Shaha, son if Khizar Khaan оf the Saayyide empire of the around  15th millennium Delhi city Sultanate concept іn Indian, and its adjacent sacred mosque. However There are several other famous tombs оf famous Lodi Dynasty interval for instance  as the local Darya Khaan's grave, Hima Khan ka famous Gumbad, renowned  Khan ka Gumbada, Chhote Khana Ka Gummbada and Bhurey Khanji ka Gumbada, and  а famous Baoli (or step well). Renowned Khizr Khanji who was the main governor оf state Punjab under the great Lodi Empire took ever the reins at city of Delhi, іn the year of 1414 AD, and after beating famous Daulata Khan Lodiji. However, He recognized the renowned Sayyida Empire, which had only four successors until around 1451 AD. However, Hіs son renowned Muizuda Din Mubaraka Shahji been successful him. He recognized а city known as famous Mubarakabad area and the financial banks оf the local Yamuna Stream, but no track оf at prevails now. However, He passed away іn the year of 1434 AD. Moreover, he was also laid to rest іn renowned Kotla Mubarakpur area, known as after this great man. Hіs famous grave was designed іn а combination оf renowned Lodi design octagonal in shape strategy mixed with Tughlaqa design buttresses and extensive dome.