Park Land

However, changing high-class in kindness, the renowned Parkland resorts and hotels are all season location, offering convenience of a five star level resort at the cost of a magnificent price range resort. Moreover, with a moderate beginning in the month of Oct 2007 season the famous Parkland Group has also come a long way. However, now with seven hotels in the city of Delhi area, the renowned Parkland is a well-known brand to consider with quality, excellence and king-type Hospitality. The huge style of our attractively designed building brings together modern factors with traditional variations. However, the enhanced internal features the newest styles, magnificent furnishings and a comfortable environment. The comfortable and modern housing is independently and cordially designed with magnificent furniture and contains an range of amazing modern features like dining places, wi-fi allowed meeting room, gym and health center etc. the Fully air-conditioned, 24x7 security, well-furnished rooms and sanitary environment, renowned Parkland hotels are there to give truly an amazing remain encounter. Come and remain with it to discover a truly unique encounter of a magnificent price range resort housing in the city of Delhi.

The Parkland, Defence Colony
Address: E-19, Defence Colony, New Delhi - 110024
Phone: +91-11-42277777
Fax: +91-11-42277700