Bars and Pubs in South Extension

Delhi and its never dying spirit is something that has been experienced by anybody who has tried to encapsulate the essence of Delhi. Another thing for which Delhi is famous is its spirit to party. Be it any time of the year, the people of Delhi never shy away from parties and are always there to explore the possibilities of a party.

\With the nightlife that the city has, these parties assume an even more enjoyable status with the most posh lounges, bars and pubs opening themselves to the youth of the city and welcome them to the world of partying with open arms.

South Extension of Delhi is one of the most preferred hubs of parties for the people of Delhi. Fondly called as South Ex, The Pars and Pubs in South Ex are always the best option and are usually filled with party lovers. Discos in South Ex have the same status.

Some of the best pubs, bars and discos in Delhi are located in South Extension providing the perfect party spot for the people to enjoy the night away.

Some of the major names in this arena include

The Lizard Lounge: One of the best in the area, The Lizard Lounge prides in being a special Arabic lounge churning out delicacies of Mediterranean tastes to the party animals. Besides its serene ambience, the presence of a DJ that usually plays lounge and Hip Hop, this place is worth the hype.

Cafe Morrison: Named after the legendary Jim Morrison, this place is known for serving the best Tex – Mex recipes and treating people with good Rock Music which forms the soul of this place. For the fans of Rock music, this place is nothing less than a heaven.

Voda Lounge Bar: Another standout place in South ex is the Voda Lounge Bar. With great offers and delectable food on offer, the Voda lounge bar with the help of its happening DJ has been a huge hit amongst the youth who rush to South ex to party.

Double Decker: Double Decker is also slowly rising up the charts of popularity. With the features of a live band and a stylish ambience to compliment it, this place is also destined to be the one that manages to attract the attention of party lovers in Delhi who specially head to South ex.