Khel Gaon

The renowned Khel Gaon or games village is titled after 1982 constructed Asiad Games village that is situated here. The famous games gala is a past story, although the area is evolving even present time with permanently alterations and great developments. With the main city’s changing face, it has met with various facilities. These days, KHel Gaon area serves connecting line between important streets of capital city. It s stretched between the main crossings of Panchasheel Park and local Kotla. However on its southern par is housed the very high slandered Panch Shila Club.   Moreover, the limelight situated on and with the main road is namely HUDCO tower, famous Sin Fort Auditorium, Fort institutional area, Siri fort sports buildings, kamala Nehru College. The one more important thing without that the definition of this Kehl Gaon cannot be done is the Ansal Plaza that is situated at its northern part. The main area, for many is a synonymous with this famous plaza. Greatly credited to be south City Delhi’s first mall, Ansal Paza is where one find outlets of various internally renowned brands such as Mc Donald, Adidas and shoppers’ stop, music world and marks specer, Nike and many others to name although a few the Plaza’s the main amphitheatre serves as a hangout area and hosts Indian cultural programs continuously. It is mentioned above; khel Gaon highly shares its proximity along with various areas of interests of the city. The famous Siri fort ruin, for instance, is a close by situated attraction. However originally, the main fort was constructed during the regime of famous Ala-Ua Din Khalji of city Delhi sultanate to counter the main onslaught of the Monglos. These days, what are left behind here are only the important ruins, however it takes a visitor to the olden days when architectural perfection sued to be an amazing keyword. There also has been a great rise in the number of local residential colonies on either side of the famous Khel Gaon. Moreover, it is very first picking up along with various commercial settlements too. The narrowly spaced street makes way for very long tailed traffic during the local wedding season or when there are, a performance happening at cultural centers situated here.