Southern Extension area is a community of Southern Delhi city, in the country of India, Located on Local Street at Delhi city, just eastern of Indian Institution of Medical Sciences. However, it is separated into two areas - Southern Extension I area and Southern Extension area II. It is one of very important luxury industry locations in Delhi city, appealing international purchasing experience.  However, this is an excellent way for visitors to see residents going about their actions.  In addition, while the industry remains shut on every Monday, and it is most popular on every Sunday. The industry is quite famous for expensive developer stuff and labeled clothes. For city of Delhi's stylish youngsters, it is also a great industry to visit. And Located on local Street, Southern Extension is a large community in renowned Southern Delhi and is separated into two parts: one is Southern Extension I and second one is Southern Extension  II area . Southern Extension area   is an excellent way for visitors to see residents going about their actions. As with much of Delhi city, it is shut on every Monday. However, its most popular day is Weekend. However, you can also find traditional Native Indian bhel puri stands stuff and local shoes shiners. All the Customers may purchase anything from mobile phones to books in this up industry purchasing area, but prices are higher than other locations. Renowned Southern Ex I area has several shops and famous dining locations, including a large, area 3-storied Benetton shop. renowned Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, famous Mehrasons Jewellery stuff  Store, Arabic Lovely Market Center , Teksons, café  and renowned Midland Bookstores, famous Nalli Saris, renowned Tanishq store, branded BG's (contemporary designer fashionable  jewelry), famous Sehgal Bros. (modern clothing), and several other outfits and music shops. The renowned Southern Ex II area has a resto-bar shop, a famous Mehrasons Jewellery local Store and several other dining locations. However, Part II area also has some of Delhi's individual’s organizations for instance Intercultural Resources.